Tantra Sangha

tantra-sangha-2This page is dedicated and in honour of the emerging Tantra Sangha on Earth.

The word Sangha usually refers to a community of people who live together to practice dharma , or to live in the true way.

But as we explore deeper into Tantra we discover that we are energy by nature and so practice dharma together without needing to be in the same physical space. Energy knows no boundary or distance. It is beyond time and space. It is always now.

And so our Sangha exists in multi-webs across the planet and we connect to one another simultaneously and according to suchness , as and when the Goddess likes.

So in the dropdown menu you will discover two Sangha spaces ..

The first one ..

A space for anyone to share writings of their experiences of Tantra. Anyone is welcome to contribute , though these pieces are moderated for right content.

Right content means relevant , helpful and well written without any marketing aspect. We will only ask you for your name and title in terms of tantra .. dakini , student , yogini, daka , guru , seeker , friend , lover etc. But we will not publish any website links or any announcements of commercial events.

The second space ..

A space for invitations where you can invite one or more people to come and practice Tantra with you. Again this is a non-commercial space , no paid events. It will be behind a password protected area and at this stage only for the South African Sangha. This is to help focus our Sangha meetings in South Africa and build the growing community here.

Right content here is for people who are in the school working with teachers of the South African Tantra School. Please ask yor teacher for an invitation to this page. And realise that no-one in the school can be held responsible for these meetings . You are on your own recognisance here. You will need to agree to this before given access to the private areas.

Here there will also be two streams available , one for invitations for one on one meetings and one for invitations for groups 3 and larger.

If you like , we will happily make a link to your Sangha Page in your area , if you would like to follow our example.

The image is from Sasha Solluni who is doing beautiful  Tantra Sangha work around the planet. Thank-you Beloved.